5 Best Free Mortgage Calculator Plugins For WordPress

On the internet, WordPress is used to develop a wide variety of websites. It enables you to build complex financial websites or just basic portfolio sites. With the vast WordPress plugin repository, you may easily add new, minor features to your website. You have come to the correct page on the internet if you are looking to build a mortgage calculator on a WordPress website. Here, we will see the list of the Best Free Mortgage Calculator Plugins For WordPress.

Using the 5 WordPress plugins I’ll be introducing to you in this article—all of which are free to download from the repository—you can use WordPress to build a personalized mortgage calculator on your website.

With a pre-made calculator template, you can select the appropriate plugin for the kind of calculator you want to make. Choosing a calculator that looks decent on PCs and mobile devices is also crucial. Numerous WordPress plugins are available for calculating costs, dimensions, time, dates, form fields, and other things. A list of the Best Free WordPress mortgage calculator plugins is provided below.

List of Best Free WordPress Mortgage Calculator Plugins

    1. Calculated Fields Form
    2. Responsive Mortgage Calculator
    3. Mortgage Calculator / Loan Calculator
    4. Simple Mortgage Calculator
    5. FC’s Mortgage Calculator

1. Calculated Fields Form

Calculated Fields Form

You can create web forms with calculated fields—whose values are dynamically calculated based on the values of other fields in the web form—by using the “Calculated Fields Form” plugin. There are countless options. For instance, you can compute product prices, make reservation forms using date operations, and generate forms with financial calculations.

Text actions for editing, translating, or advertising services are included in the plugin. More sophisticated functions are offered as well, like graph generation and address distance calculation. These forms are completely responsive on mobile devices.

2. Responsive Mortgage Calculator

Responsive Mortgage Calculator

By providing the loan amount and down payment information, you can allow your users to compute their monthly mortgage payments. You can download the plugin for free from the WordPress plugin library. It is therefore installable and activable from the WordPress dashboard.

Designed to blend seamlessly into any theme, on any device, and at any size, the plugin is a jQuery widget and shortcode. The entire amount, down payment, interest rate, and repayment time must all be entered by the user.

3. Mortgage Calculator / Loan Calculator

Mortgage Calculator Loan Calculator

A mortgage calculator is an excellent way to provide value for any mortgage loan officer or real estate agent who wants to give readers attractive, useful, and informative mortgage material.

This mortgage calculator is really effective, as evidenced by its seamless sidebar integration, modal window results, and visually stunning AJAX-based graphics. It’s a fantastic little loan application with a nice design and is easy to use, while yet offering a good amount of mortgage value.

4. Simple Mortgage Calculator

Simple mortgage calculator

One of the most effective mortgage calculator plugins for WordPress websites is Simple Mortgage Calculator. A dynamic mortgage calculator with a number of advanced choices is available in the plugin

Similar to other mortgage plugins, this one is free to download and install from the WordPress plugin directory. The plugin has an uncluttered, flat appearance. In addition, it includes the down payment, mortgage term (years), interest rate, and price of the residence.

5. FC’s Mortgage Calculator

FC's Mortgage Calculator

Using FC’s Mortgage Calculator Plugin you can compute a number of unknown quantities, such as the affordable property price, the monthly loan payment, or the percentage of costs available for a down payment. With date-based payments and charts, it may produce a complicated amortization scheme. Points, property taxes, hazard insurance, and private mortgage insurance (PMI) are optional features available in the calculator.

Visitors to your website have the option to choose the date convention and currency according to the loan schedule. This is perfect if people from all around the world visit your website. Choose from four preset sizes, or alter the CSS file to change the size and color scheme. supports responsive websites and touch-sensitive devices. The code used in this plugin is derived from my mortgage calculator.


One of the best plugins for WordPress websites is the mortgage calculator plugin (see above). When you enter the down payment, interest rate, monetization time, and sales price, estimating the mortgage amount is simple. To make the mortgage calculator easier for your consumers to use, you can also personalize the form for them. Shortcodes are available for each of the plugins, to display the mortgage calculator on any page, post, widget, template, or other area of your website.

The majority of plugins may be downloaded for free from the WordPress plugin directory and are free to use. Therefore, it is not mandatory to pay for any of the plugin’s extra features. The Responsive Mortgage Calculator is among the most effective mortgage plugins. This plugin offers responsive templates along with sophisticated features.

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