5 Best WordPress Multisite Hosting Providers In 2024

If you want to manage multiple sites with the same hosting then you can do this by multisite hosting. But with so many hosting providers seeking your attention, choosing the right one can be a difficult task. So, we are here to help you. This guide is full of the Best WordPress Multisite Hosting providers, empowering you to select the perfect one for your websites.

What is Multisite Hosting?

Multisite Hosting is a master control panel for all of your websites. Instead of separate logins and resources for each website, you can create a network of subdomains – all seamlessly controlled from a single place.

Multisite Hosting is best for these situations:

  • Managing a network of local business listings.
  • Creating a network of membership websites with a shared core structure.
  • Building a multi-language website with localized content.

How Does WordPress Multisite Work

WordPress Multisite is a WordPress installation that enables the management of numerous websites both individually and through subdomains (subdomain.website.com) or subfolders (website.com/subfolder) from a single WordPress dashboard.

In order for a super admin to access every website simultaneously, it functions by hosting them all on the same server. Additionally, every website has a WordPress dashboard of its own, allowing for personalized customization.

Overall, for websites that need to share a lot of assets and code but have diverse content, WordPress Multisite is the best option.

List of Best WordPress Multisite Hosting Providers?

1. Cloudways

Cloudways Multisite Hosting
Cloudways offers a unique approach, allowing you to choose your preferred cloud provider (like Google Cloud or DigitalOcean) for your multisite hosting. This translates to superior scalability and control.
After you select your favorite provider, Cloudways takes care of all the configuration and maintenance; it functions just like any other WordPress host.

Vertical resource scaling is also possible with the virtualized system. The Cloudways platform automatically modifies RAM, CPU, and storage allocations in real time in response to variations in traffic to your multisite network.

Other than this, you can remain worry-free about your site’s security as it uses strong security protocols like Cloudflare Enterprise, DDoS protection, etc., coupled with 24/7 active live support.


The Standard DigitalOcean droplet is the least expensive option, a monthly payment of $11.00 is required. For a multisite network, you might want a server with more resources.

2. Kinsta

Kinsta is a managed WordPress server that provides excellent performance for all kinds of WordPress blogs, including multisite networks, by utilizing Cloudflare edge caching and Google Cloud infrastructure. With edge caching, you can use Cloudflare’s massive global network to fully cache the pages on your website, providing quick load times.

Using Kinsta to set up a WordPress multisite environment is also very simple. To manage all of your WordPress installations, monitor data, manage backups, adjust SSL, set up redirects, and more, you get an easy-to-use MyKinsta dashboard.


Although Kinsta offers WordPress hosting plans starting at $29.17 a month, multisite networks require at least the $58.33 Pro plan. These are the annual prices. Plans for each month are more expensive.

3. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has joined Cloudways as one of the most affordable WordPress multisite hosting companies. Thanks to its outstanding value of less than $50 per month,.

With the help of this feature-rich platform, you can set up WordPress multisite networks on Turbo LiteSpeed, VPS, or dedicated servers. The latter, however, is the greatest WordPress multisite hosting choice because it is already performance and security-optimized.

In addition to other beneficial features like unmetered bandwidth, the Turbo plan’s use of LiteSpeed Web Server provides outstanding performance.


Although A2 Hosting offers plans as low as $2.99 per month (with an annual contract), we advise utilizing the Turbo Boost plan for multisite networks at the very least. The monthly cost of this plan, with promotional pricing, is $6.99.

4. Nexcess

You’ll have a hands-off experience with Nexcess’s fully managed WordPress hosting. The Nexcess team handles server management, updates, and optimizations.

On the other side, their Enterprise WordPress hosting supports server clusters and is designed for large-scale operations. With its cutting-edge infrastructure, it can easily handle the needs of large multisite networks.

Redis is an in-memory data structure store that Nexcess Object Cache Pro uses for effective database query caching. In multisite setups, where multiple websites may be querying the database at once, this is especially useful. Quick data retrieval is facilitated by the caching technique.


With Nexcess, monthly multisite WordPress hosting options begin at $35.83 (based on an annual contract, monthly rates vary).

5. SiteGround

We just could not leave out SiteGround from our list because it is another one of WordPress.org’s recommended hosting companies. With good reason, it’s one of the most well-known hosting providers out there. Also, they offer a ton of fantastic features!

So, you’ll need a SiteGround plan with unlimited websites if you want to use WordPress Multisite.


The GrowBig package at SiteGround costs $4.99 a month.


You can choose the proper multisite web hosting company from our list of Best WordPress Multisite Hosting Providers, after that, you’re on the right path to establishing a thriving network of websites. Remember, the important thing lies in knowing your necessities and carefully comparing the capabilities offered by every issuer. Take benefit of free trials or money-back guarantees to check-power their offerings before committing.

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