5 Best Free Spin The Wheel WordPress Plugins In 2024

A discount popup that simplifies the experience of your visitors is called a spin-to-win popup, sometimes referred to as a lucky wheel, spinning wheel, or discount wheel. Visitors can win a variety of prizes (typically a few different levels of discount) by playing a spin wheel game. The visitor enters their contact information, crosses their fingers, and spins to play! You can add this wheel simply on your WordPress site by using Spin The Wheel WordPress Plugins.

The benefits of these discount wheel popups are numerous. They increase website traffic conversion, increase user engagement, and increase revenue. As a matter of fact, 60% of consumers are inclined to make a purchase from a company after engaging with gamified material.

This post will assist you in locating the software required to put excellent spin-to-win popups into place and begin increasing conversion rates.

Why would you want to use a popup lucky wheel?

Adding a spinning wheel to your WordPress website might make it seem more playful. Spin-to-win wheels are one of the few marketing methods that may grab people’s interest. People will gladly join your email list in the event that they are able to win a “mystery” prize because they are naturally inclined to try their luck.

List of Best Free Spin The Wheel Plugins

  1. Poptin
  2. WP Optin Wheel
  3. Lucky Wheel for WooCommerce
  4. WordPress Lucky Wheel
  5. Spin Wheel Pop Up

1. Poptin


Poptin monitors website users’ actions and displays the appropriate message at the appropriate moment. With the use of exit offers, exit intent technologies, and numerous other triggers, the platform helps to enhance engagement, improve conversion rates, and convert more visitors into leads, purchases, email subscribers, and website and cart abandoners.

With Wheel of Fortune or spin wheel pop-ups, visitors can spin a wheel for a chance to win one of the several prizes or codes displayed on your wheel. Use the spin wheel or wheel of fortune popup to provide your visitors with nearly guaranteed winnings.

2. WP Optin Wheel

WP Optin Wheel

Spin-to-win popups are the main emphasis of the WordPress and WooCommerce plugin WP Optin Wheel. Your spinning wheel game allows you to attach multiple coupon codes, each of which can hold up to 12 slices.

By giving your visitors the opportunity to spin the wheel of fortune for a chance to win a coupon or other prize, you can increase your email list or sales. Users have informed us that after installing our spin-to-win plugin, their signup rate jumped by 200%! This plugin might become your go-to email marketing tool.

3. Lucky Wheel for WooCommerce

Lucky Wheel

Spin the lucky wheel to win Encourage subscribers by offering a chance to win a reward by spinning the lucky wheel. Customers will be more likely to return to your website to make purchases if they see the lucky wheel spin and win. This will boost traffic and boost sales and revenue.

With the help of the Lucky Wheel WooCommerce extension, you may turn site visitors into buyers or at the very least email subscribers. Don’t waste the time and money you’ve invested in getting customers into your store. Visitors can spin the fortune wheel by submitting their email addresses and winning prizes. The enrolled email address will thereafter receive a discount coupon from the plugin. The fortunate wheel spin and win subscribed email addresses will be kept in the back-end.

4. WordPress Lucky Wheel

WordPress Lucky Wheel

The greatest way to obtain email addresses from visitors to your WordPress website is to use WordPress Lucky Wheel. Visitors can spin for prizes by entering their email addresses on the WordPress Lucky Wheel. This is the most effective approach to getting email addresses from site visitors, and they will be happy to provide it. The visitor’s email address will automatically receive the prize. It keeps Emails in the back end of the plugin.

With the help of the WooCommerce plugin Lucky Wheel, you can make spin-to-win popups with discount codes. By giving your visitors the chance to spin the wheel of fortune and win a coupon code or other rewards, you may increase the size of your email list.

5. Spin Wheel Pop Up

Spin Wheel Pop Up

Customers are encouraged to sign up for email lists using various gamified popups available through Crazy Rocket’s Spin Wheel popup marketing tool.


That concludes our list of the top Spin The Wheel WordPress Plugins for the year 2024! Each of these choices has all the essential elements required to produce an amazing gamified popup. Customers are happier when they win a discount than when they are just given one. Thus, why not design your own scratchcard popup, spin-to-win, or lucky wheel and begin increasing your sales and conversions?

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