5 Best Free 404 Redirect Plugins for WordPress

In this article, we will explore the Best Free 404 Redirect Plugins for WordPress.

A frequent error that appears when a user types the erroneous URL or reaches a page that is no longer available is the 404 error. In addition to being bad for user experience, this could harm the SEO rankings of your website.

We’ll go over some of the top free WordPress 404 redirect plugins in this post so you can utilize them to address 404 issues.

Why Is There a 404 Error on Your WordPress Website?

Prior to beginning to resolve a 404 problem, it’s critical to comprehend the cause of WordPress’ error message. Beginners frequently ask us why the current posts on their WordPress website are returning a 404 error. It’s a typical issue with WordPress that new users run into.

A WordPress Redirect Plugin Can Help You Fix 404 Errors

Sending users to a new address is the most effective technique to address 404 issues. Additionally, you should add a 301 redirect header message to those posts and pages to tell search engines of their new position. By doing this, you may maintain your search engine rankings while providing an excellent user experience.

Let’s now examine a few of the most well-liked WordPress 404 redirect plugins that can assist you in handling these problems.

List of Best Free 404 Redirect Plugins

  1. SeedProd
  2. All in One SEO
  3. Redirection
  4. Smart Custom 404 error page
  5. Custom 404 Pro

1. SeedProd

The greatest WordPress theme and website builder is SeedProd. You may design any kind of landing page using its drag-and-drop landing page builder. One of SeedProd’s numerous capabilities is the ability to create personalized 404 pages. It offers lovely themes for 404 error pages that you can utilize right away.

You can also enable 301 redirects for your 404 page using this plugin. To send your audience to another URL while creating a 404 page, just enable the redirect mode in the settings. Your 404-page template can have anything added to it. You may, for instance, include several blocks for headlines, buttons, pictures, and videos; you could also include an opt-in form and a countdown timer.

2. All in One SEO

The greatest and most widely used WordPress SEO plugin available is All-in-One SEO. To handle 301 redirects, keep track of 404 problems, and resolve dead ends, it includes a redirection manager addon. Users are automatically redirected to new URLs from old URLs by the plugin. You will never lose website visitors because search engines are also affected by this option.

The manual addition of source and target URLs is made simple by All in One SEO. Every time you remove a post or update its URL, you can also use their automated redirect tool to make sure that readers and search engines discover your fresh content.

3. Redirection


With Redirection, a robust WordPress plugin, setting up redirects for your 404 pages is a breeze. It has an integrated feature that allows you to keep track of any 404 problems that have happened to your website after you installed the plugin. Using strong regex, you can match URL patterns with redirection and send them to the right pages. This comes in handy when migrating a website with a different URL structure to WordPress.

We’ve produced a comprehensive guide on how to use the Redirection plugin in WordPress to track and redirect 404 pages. Although this plugin is fantastic, you should exercise caution when using the 404 logging setting. This plugin has the potential to make your database heavy if it is not set up correctly. Apart from that, this is a fantastic free plugin.

4. Smart Custom 404 error page

In contrast to the other WordPress plugins on our list, 404 pages are a little bit different. While redirection is not provided, it does assist you in creating 404 pages. WordPress themes’ 404 error pages are typically quite boring and unhelpful.

There are methods to make WordPress 404 templates better. They do, however, need you to alter the template file and employ code. You can use an existing page from your WordPress website as a 404 page by choosing it with the 404-page plugin. If all you want to do is create unique 404 pages, this plugin is great.

5. Custom 404 Pro

A simple-to-use, 100% free WordPress plugin, Custom 404 Pro is minimalistic. With just a few clicks, you can quickly set up 404 redirects. Your pages can be redirected to an already-existing page or a particular URL. Furthermore, 301, 302, 307, and 308 redirects are supported by the plugin.

Using Custom 404 Pro also has the added benefit of logging your 404 failures and even sending an email to the site administrator upon error detection. This is a useful tool that you may use to repair broken links on your website.


With a variety of free 404 redirect plugins available for WordPress, selecting the perfect one can feel overwhelming. Ultimately, the “best” choice depends on your specific needs and technical expertise. Remember, the best free 404 redirect plugin is the one that fulfills your specific needs without overwhelming you. Consider your technical skills, desired features, and website complexity when making your choice. And don’t hesitate to test out different plugins to find the perfect fit for your WordPress site.

I hope this article helps you navigate the world of free 404 redirect plugins and make an informed decision for your website!

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