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General Settings Bi Ecommerce

Configure site logo/title/favicon

  • Go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> WordPress Default >> Site Identity.
  • Click on Select Logo to upload or change the site logo from an existing logo.
  • Enter the Site Title and Tagline.
  • Check box option about site title and tagline display.
  • Click on Select Image for the upload favicon.
  • Click on Save & Publish

Configure Background Color

  • Go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> General Settings >> Colors.
  • Choose the color for the site background from the Background Color picker option.
  • Click on Save & Publish

Menu Settings

menu setting biz ecommerce

  • Go to Dashboard >> Appearance  >> Menus
  • Select Menu Page then Click on Add to Menu.
  • Select Display Location as Primary Menu.
  • Then click on Save Menu.


Set Home Page

Now select Settings >> Reading >> Then select any Page as Home Page

Home page set biz ecommerce


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