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Medical Elementor Theme Settings

Top Header Section

  • Go to Dashboard >> Appearance  >> Customize >> Medical Elementor Theme Options >> Top Header Options.
  • You can select the show/hide a top header.
  • You can manage the other input fields here.

Top Header Section

Home Page Options

  • Now we will Customize Homepage.

Home Page Slider Section

  • Go to Dashboard >> Appearance  >> Customize >> Frontpage Sections >> Top Slider >> Add New Slide or Edit Slides.
  • You can manage other slider fields from here.

How To Edit Home Page With Elementor

  • Go to Home
  • Click Edit With Elementor Option

Edit Home page

Home Page Add Team Section

  • Edit Team Section

Edit team

Add More Layout Page

  • Click Plus(+) Button & See More Layout

Add More Layout

Choose Any Layout

Choose layout

And Edit Layout Page According To you


Select Elementskit Settings via Scroll Down Elementor settings and you can drag and drop sections according to your choices




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