5 Best Free WordPress Malware Removal Plugins

Do you think there may be malware on your WordPress website? You might not be wrong, given that a WordPress website is hacked every 38 seconds. To limit the harm and ensure that the infection doesn’t create too much trouble, you need to act quickly, in this article, we will give you a list of the best free WordPress Malware Removal Plugins.

The first step is to verify whether malware is present on your website by scanning it.

As soon as you realize that your website is infected with malware, you must take immediate action to remove it. There are a few options for getting rid of malware: you can use a WordPress malware removal plugin, do it manually, or pay a security specialist to clean your website.

You should choose the most significant malware removal plugin for your WordPress website out of the many that are available. In addition to being practical, the plugin must be dependable and efficient. In order to save you time, we have carefully looked at and evaluated a number of WordPress malware removal plugins. From this list, you may select the one that works best for your website.

List of Best Free WordPress Malware Removal Plugins

    1. Wordfence Security
    2. MalCare WordPress Security Plugin
    3. Solid Security
    4. Sucuri Security
    5. Jetpack Protect

Top Free WordPress Malware Removal Plugins for Protection

Before recommending which WordPress malware removal plugins are the best, we chose to test and study them ourselves. To make sure the plugin provided complete protection, we tested the firewall, cleanups, and scanners of security plugins as a whole. To help you make a smart decision, we have mostly concentrated on these plugins’ ability to remove malware in this article.

1. Wordfence Security

WordFence Security

The most well-known service for removing malware from WordPress is undoubtedly Wordfence. But is all the fuss really worth it? Maybe is the short response. Whether used as a full security plugin or for malware cleanup, Wordfence is a fantastic free plugin. But the price for the upgraded version is not justified. Let’s examine the reasons why.

In addition to other security tools, Wordfence provides its free users with a firewall, scanner, and repair feature. Although Wordfence admits that the free functions aren’t perfect, they do function very effectively. The firewall in the free version is updated later than in the premium version, the scanner is only capable of 65% of its full potential, and the repair option, although speedy, may pose a risk to your website. Your website may break if you accidentally erase a core file during repair.

 2. MalCare WordPress Security Plugin

MalCare WordPress Security Plugin

By far the finest security plugin we’ve tried is MalCare, which also happens to be the best WordPress malware removal plugin we could find. Among the rival plugins, there were a few strong rivals. However, MalCare outperforms all other plugins thanks to its faultless malware identification and speedy cleanups.

The plugin scanner plays a critical role in malware removal since without it, the plugin cannot remove any malware that may be present on your website. In that sense, MalCare is definitely the best in its class.

3. Solid Security

Solid Security

Solid Security guards against security flaws and protects your website from attackers. Using your own blacklist in conjunction with solid security’s almost one million-strong Brute Force Protection Network, it automatically bans malicious users. It safeguards and secures user login authentication, which is the area of your WordPress website that is most frequently targeted.

Regardless of technical skill, anyone can secure their WordPress website in less than ten minutes with the Solid Security setup and onboarding process. You’ll feel as though your website is more safe than it has ever been when you realize that you have all the security settings enabled.

4. Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security

The name Sucuri is now well-known in the WordPress security space. It’s likely that you’ve heard of Sucuri even if you haven’t used it. Is it, however, the greatest WordPress virus removal plugin available? Let’s start by making the fundamentals clear. Sucuri’s plugin does not in any way include malware removal.

Malware removal is an extra service that Sucuri provides to its premium users. We put Sucuri to the test to see if it lived up to the hype, and we discovered some intriguing findings.

5. Jetpack Protect

Jetpack Protect

Free virus detection and daily security for WordPress websites. Jetpack Protect makes use of the vast database of Automattic brand WPScan, which contains over 25,000 registered vulnerabilities and viruses. There’s no setup needed!

A free and necessary WordPress security plugin called Jetpack Protect monitors your website and alerts you to security flaws so you can keep your site safe from online attacks. It’s simple to use—just a few clicks are needed for setup!


We hope that our information has helped you choose the WordPress virus removal plugin that is most suited for your website. One of these plugins will definitely meet your needs, depending on what those demands are in detail.

However, because WordPress sites yield better rewards, hackers frequently target them. A comprehensive security solution like MalCare will enable you to safeguard your site, fend off attacks, and assist you in containing the damage in the event of a hack if it is a valuable website that you want to keep secure.

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