5 Best Free Lazy Load WordPress Plugins

Hello everything, in this article we will explore the Best Free Lazy Load WordPress Plugins.

Slow page speed is the worst adversary of user experience, regardless of whether you manage a WordPress blog, e-commerce site, company website, or any other kind of WordPress website. It only takes a few seconds for consumers on desktop and mobile devices to lose interest in your information, therefore investing in any minor efforts you can take to improve page performance is usually worthwhile.

Lazy loading is one such strategy that waits to load content that is below the fold until the user scrolls down to view it. Lazy loading creates the appearance of a speedier website by loading just the content that is absolutely necessary at the beginning.

We will discuss the top 5 plugins in this post to enable lazy loading of pictures, iframes, and other content. But first, why would you even want to use a plugin?

Why should you use a lazy loading plugin on your WordPress Site?

WordPress now loads pictures and iframes automatically as of version 5.7. More specifically, WordPress gives all <img> and <iframe> tags that provide a width and a height the loading=“lazy” HTML property (to prevent layout shifting on load). Lazy loading is available for the designated items as a result.

So why would you need a plugin if WordPress has this feature built-in?

The primary justification is if you wish to alter your lazy loading configuration beyond what WordPress does automatically. Even while you can modify the WordPress core code to make items other than pictures and iframes lazy-loadable, users who aren’t as tech-savvy could choose another option. Without requiring any code from you, plugins can do these lazy-loading modifications.

List of Top Free Lazy Load WordPress Plugins

  1. a3 Lazy Load
  2. Smush
  3. Image Optimization by Optimole
  4. LazyLoad Plugin
  5. Lazy Load for Videos

1.  a3 Lazy Load

a3 Lazy Load

Being the most well-liked WordPress plugin devoted solely to lazy loading, a3 Lazy Load is a great option for websites with plenty of media. Thanks to its customizable features, this free application not only helps your photos load more quickly but it can also be used on videos and iframes. Even animation effects, such as fade-ins, can be included when the photos actually load.

This plugin is a fantastic choice for administrators who want lazy loading on their e-commerce websites because it integrates seamlessly with the WooCommerce plugin. It also performs exceptionally well with other sophisticated plugins. a3 Lazy Load is also compatible with mobile websites.

2. Smush

For good reason, Smush is the most popular image optimization plugin for WordPress. It has all the features you need, such as compression, scaling, and of course, slow loading, to prevent images from degrading the performance of your page.

It only takes a single click to enable lazy loading in Smush, which delays the loading of all images below the fold. You may then limit lazy loading to specific media kinds and output regions (such as content areas, widgets, and thumbnails) using Smush.

3. Image Optimization by Optimole

Lazy Load is another well-known plugin that targets your images in an effort to increase efficiency through image optimization. Since Optimole is a full-service plugin, you can activate lazy loading with its free edition or get extra features by upgrading to one of its commercial plans.

Similar to Smush, Optimole is designed to be an all-in-one image optimization application that offers lazy loading, integrated CDN for faster image serving, and image scaling and compression. It should be noted that the lazy load feature is set up to guard against layout changes, ensuring a seamless user experience.

4. LazyLoad Plugin

LazyLoad Plugin

The creators of the well-known WP Rocket caching plugin are the people behind this next plugin, Lazy Load, which is an excellent tool that allows users to see your photos only when they are slightly above the fold. However, Lazy Load is free to use, in contrast to the premium caching plugin.

This plugin optimizes your site’s photos in addition to handling your thumbnails, avatars, background images, text, iframes (which you may replace with an image thumbnail), and any other elements that could slow down loading times.

5. Lazy Load for Videos

Even while videos and graphics may be important components of your WordPress website, your speed shouldn’t suffer significantly as a result. You can delay loading these components until the user needs them by using a dedicated plugin or WordPress’ built-in lazy loading feature.

Despite being referred regarded as “lazy” loading plugins, they are truly hard at work in the background to provide your visitors with the greatest experience possible.


With a plethora of free lazy load plugins available, selecting the perfect one for your WordPress site can be overwhelming. However, by considering your specific needs and priorities, you can narrow down the options and make an informed decision.

Ultimately, the best free lazy load plugin for you depends on your unique website and its requirements. Experiment with a few options to find the one that delivers the optimal balance of features, ease of use, and performance for your site.

I hope this article helps you make an informed decision!

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