Why A Blogger Should Choose WordPress Hosting?

Hello there, today in this article, we are going to discuss why a blogger should choose WordPress hosting. So keep reading.

WordPress is the powerful CMS (Content Management System) that powers over 44% of the world’s websites. Several organizations’ websites and eCommerce platforms are built on WordPress. One more niche audience that is available on WordPress is bloggers. Many bloggers are available on WordPress, showcasing their writing creativity through blogging.

To build a WordPress website, there is also a requirement to have reliable WordPress hosting or free hosts for websites. This hosting infrastructure is required to create an online space for the blogging website. WordPress hosting by MilesWeb starts from ₹ 50 per month. If you are also a blogger, you must also get WordPress hosting because of underlying reasons.

For higher efficiency, bloggers can also prefer WordPress cloud hosting from MilesWeb for managing more traffic and advanced hosting requirements.

Why A Blogger Should Choose WordPress Hosting?

Meeting Your Need For Speed

There are not all websites in the world that can consistently deliver fast website experiences without crashing.

The majority of websites choose shared web hosting packages as a compromise. As a result, website speed is inadvertently inconsistent. You won’t get a dedicated hosting environment for your WordPress website with a shared hosting plan.

Managed WordPress hosting is different from unmanaged WordPress hosting. WordPress websites can be hosted in a reliable environment that is customized to the needs of businesses. Compared to shared hosts, WordPress hosts can guarantee blazing-fast speeds.

WordPress websites are hosted on dedicated servers for this simple reason. Due to the configuration of these servers for WordPress environments, the website speed is naturally high.

Stay Away From Malicious Activities

Website security is one of the prime factors that every website must consider. Bloggers must also consider the WordPress site’s security or else there will be malicious activities by hackers that steal vital information from the site.

Managed WordPress hosting services from MilesWeb keeps security issues at a bay. They have special professionals to thwart malicious attacks, spam, or security vulnerabilities. If your site is secured, visitors also feel safe browsing those blogging sites. Updating plugins and themes will be no more challenging for users because the hosting provider will do it. A WordPress host follows extremely strict security protocols and conducts routine checks to prevent hacking attempts.

Automatic Website Backups and Updates

Individual or new bloggers run on a short budget. However, they have to do all management of websites and upgradation activities. WordPress developers are needed to manage businesses’ websites and perform important tasks such as website backups. With dedicated WordPress hosts, businesses can grow their traffic and visibility without worrying about website management. Backups and updates are included in this service.

There are many companies that don’t have the time or resources to deal with website management. Increasing website traffic is their only focus. You can choose managed WordPress hosting if you don’t want to worry about tasks like backups and updates.

Minimal Latency

According to reports, if the website is delaying in loading time by more than 3 to 4 seconds there will be a plunge in website traffic of about 70% to 80%. Therefore, proper uptime is necessary to ensure the maximum availability of websites online. With MilesWeb’s WordPress web hosting plans bloggers will get a reliable hosting plan with an assurance of 99.95% uptime.

So, as a blogger, if their WordPress website is hosted by MilesWeb, you will get good uptime. With that, the blogging site will be available maximum time online. Maximum availability of the blogging website will give you more visitors and traffic.

The uptime is determined by the quality of disk space and the bandwidth that a web hosting provider offers with WordPress hosting plans.

Real Guidance and Insights

Regular fast food is efficient and affordable, but it doesn’t offer a very satisfying culinary experience. Fine dining is more than just eating. Furthermore, the whole experience is important. This is a useful approach to compare managed WordPress hosting versus standard hosting.

Bloggers are guided through the website setup process by managed WordPress hosts. In other words, the service continues even after the payment is made and hosting space is assigned. Bloggers could also benefit from advice on issues pertaining to content and development. The same is known to be offered by well-known web hosting like WP Engine.

It might be exhausting to set up a new WordPress website. Therefore, it makes sense to spend money on managed WordPress hosting and streamline the process of creating a website.

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